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Guest Chef: Cousin Matt’s Pork Loin April 28, 2009

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Several weeks ago, while home for a couple’s shower, I got to talk to my cousin Matt about food. He told me about a recipe of his that involved pork loin, which I randomly had in my freezer (very rare for me). I decided to try and piece together the recipe when I got home the next week. Oh boy. This recipe is so IOWA. Meat, potatoes, all baked together in a casserole like recipe?! But it was very very delicious and I can’t help but love a meat and potato meal every once in a while.


  • pork tenderloin
  • egg white
  • flour
  • onion
  • 4 medium yellow potatoes
  • 1 can cream of roasted mushroom soup
  • cayenne

Start by slicing the pork tenderloin, about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Dip in whipped up egg white, then in flour, and finally throw on a hot pan with lots of hot oil. Fry each side until it’s brown and yummy looking. In the same pan, toss in 1 to 2 onions, diced up, with a little more oil if needed. Cook until they start to brown. Take out of the pan and add the potatoes, diced up. Cook for a few minutes, just getting some sides brown. In that pan, mix in the onions, salt and pepper, a big of cayenne and the mushroom soup. Pour into a baking dish. Layer on the fried up pork and put into an oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. Enjoy with some steamed kale!

Notes: Very good. Thank you Matt!

Servings: 6 entree servings


2 Responses to “Guest Chef: Cousin Matt’s Pork Loin”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    whoa – that looks awesome…

  2. rodger routh Says:

    now this looks like something I could fix…

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