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Pistou, Fontina, Mushroom Panini June 19, 2008

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Do you remember way back when I made that Vegetable Pistou Soup? If not, go remind yourself. A day after I made that soup, I made these tasty little panini using leftover pistou. I am smart and frugal.

Thinly sliced french bread
Fontina cheese – sliced
Mushrooms – sliced

First, heat up your grill pan and spray with a little oil. Grill the sliced mushroom first. This was fun and tricky, as the slices were not very big but I knew I wanted the grilled mushroom flavor on the sandwiches. It was worth it. Grill on both sides and remove. Heat the press while grilling the ‘shrooms. Next, spray the pan again, layer your sandwich onto the pan with bread, pistou, mushrooms and fontina with bread on top. Don’t forget to spray the press and then place on top of your panini. Grill to perfection and eat.

Notes: Panini are the best thing ever.

Servings: Lots of little sandwiches.


One Response to “Pistou, Fontina, Mushroom Panini”

  1. Marti Says:

    That’s a great picture!

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