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Bean and Bulgur Burger May 1, 2008

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Veggie burgers are surprisingly hard to get right. I mean, they’re easy to make, usually involving mashed up beans, vegetables of some sort and a frying pan, but making good, tasty, and not overly filling burgers are hard. I came across this new site and found a beautiful veggie burger which I made last night.

1/2 C. bulgur
1 can pinto beans – drained and rinsed well
1/4 C. bread crumbs
4 scallions – thinly sliced
1 egg
1 carrot – peeled and finely shredded
1/4 t. cayenne pepper
2 T. tahini

Curry Mayonnaise:
1/2 C. reduced fat mayo
1 T. fresh lemon juice
1/2 t. curry paste

In a bowl, mix bulgur with one cup boiling water, cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 30 minutes to cook. Once cooked, drain and set aside.

Mash beans in a large mixing bowl with a potato masher. Mix in bread crumbs, vegetables, egg, spices and tahini along with the bulgur. Season with salt and pepper before making into patties. The original recipe said this would make 6 patties, but I made 9, which were the perfect size for me.

Heat a pan with a little oil and cook, browning on each side. It should take about 5-8 minutes per side on medium low heat.

Toast an english muffin, serve with lettuce, pattie and curry mayo. ZING!

Notes: So many things about this make it good. The mixture of beans, vegetables, fast cooking bulgur and tahini! Why didn’t I think of that?! Tahini is good. The curry mayo was amazing, curry makes everything taste good. Finally, the english muffins are the perfect size and not too big or bready.

Servings: 9 patties


One Response to “Bean and Bulgur Burger”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Kateri- I made this recipe for Turker’s birthday earlier this month and we really liked it! You are right, the mayo topping is fabulous (we were pleasantly surprised to find curry sauce here in Turkey). I served it with a fresh fruit salad and it was a great tasting and light meal on a warm summer day; that way we had plenty of room for his favorite dessert, homemade pumpkin pie.

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