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Favorites: Lemon Juicer April 4, 2008

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This shiny yellow lemon juicer is one of my favorite kitchen utensils. It’s just so efficient at what it does, juice lemons. There are many other juicers to choose from, but they are all inferior. Let me explain why.

Exhibit A: Hand held juicer


This juicer is cheap, so cheap! But say you are in your kitchen, whipping up some dressing and you need the juice of two lemons. By the time you are done with this piece of crap, you are going to be covered in juice and the lemons will only be half juiced.

Exhibit B: Electric juicer


If the hand held wooden juicer was cheap and inefficient, this is the exact opposite. Over $400, this electric juicer can juice about a billion lemons, or oranges, in mere minutes. But really, who wants to spend that much money? Not me. And I also never need a billion lemons juiced. Just one or two.

Exhibit C: Table top juicer


This is probably the most common juicer, besides my favorite one above. It’s cheap, can come in plastic or metal, has some sort of juice capturing device and can come in many colors. It’s not too difficult to use, as you can use gravity to help you, but it may splatter a bit. It won’t get as much juice out of the lemon as, say, the electric juicer, but it’s better than that crap hand held device. It’s just an average juicer.

So why is my beautiful yellow juicer the best? Because it’s cheap, very effective at getting out all the juice, does not splatter all over as there are only a few holes in the bottom, cleans up fast, will last forever (cast iron) and is easy to use (leverage!). You can buy it here, if you’re so inclined. I’m sure it’s at lots of kitchen supply stores.


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