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Cottage Cheese Muffin (Basil and Sun Dried Tomato) January 9, 2008

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Saw this recipe on 101cookbooks and thought I’d give it a try. Heidi describes them: ‘like a souffle’s heartier, denser, more portable cousin.’

I went the same route and used sun dried tomatoes, which I now love, and basil.

1 cup plain cottage cheese (low-fat)
3/4 cup parmesan cheese, freshly grated
1/4 cup flour (I used Amaranth)
1 cup almonds, very finely ground
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes (in oil), finely chopped
2 T. basil (dried, although fresh would be better)
1/4 cup water
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix cottage cheese, all but 1/4 cup of the parm, flour, ground almonds (in the food processor), baking powder, tomatoes, basil, water, eggs and salt in a bowl and mix well. Line 12 muffin tins with paper or silicon cups (I used my new silicon cups which work wonderfully). Pour the mixture into the cups and top with the rest of the parmesan cheese.

Bake at 400 for about 30-35 minutes or until firm and brown on top.

Notes: Check out Heidi’s recipe for other ideas as mix ins besides the sundried tomatoes and basil. I’ll make this again as they work well for breakfast. Don’t try to eat more than two at at time though, you’ll make yourself sick. Just ask Chris.

Servings: 12 muffins


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