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Favorites: Global Santoku Knife December 19, 2007

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We’ve been eating left overs to clean out the fridge before leaving for Christmas, so I haven’t made anything new since Sunday. So let me share with you another one of my favorites.

Global Santoku Knife


This is my multi-purpose, do anything, favorite knife. Global is my favorite brand, as I really like the look, the weight and the grip of the handle of the knives. I like the santoku style, which originated in Japan, because of the angle of the blade, the length (shorter than the average chef’s knife, although I know they come in all sizes), and the balance. And I like to say santoku.

I also use an 8 inch Global Chef’s Knife and a Global Bread Knife. I have a paring knife that is made by a different brand and Chris hates it, so I won’t recommend it.



Having a well made knife is great in the kitchen, but it doesn’t do any good if you don’t keep it sharp. I purchased a Global sharpener that uses ceramic wheels and water and is basically fool proof.


I try to sharpen my knives once every couple weeks, and I can tell when they are starting to wear down and need to be re-sharpened. Working with a dull knife is far far more dangerous than working with a sharp knife. The extra force needed to use a dull knife, coupled with the dull blade that may slip instead of slice, is bad for fingers and hands!

The last thing I need to add to my cutlery is a honing steel.


This is often mistaken for a knife sharper, but its purpose (most often) is to hone the edge of the blade, or make it true and straight.  This should be done after sharpening with the ceramic sharpener and each time before cooking. My knives are in need of a honing steel, as the blade tends to bend in on direction from the way that I hold and knife and cut, making it less perfect than it should be.


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