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Falafel November 15, 2007

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Tonight I made some falafel, from a mix, and threw together a big salad while Chris ate a falafel wrapped in a tortilla with veggies.   Normal falafel from a restaurant is round and fried in a vat of oil. When I make it at home I just make 1 – 1.5 inch patties and fry in a small amount of oil.

1 package falafel mix (This is a dry mix that you just add water to and make into patties.)
Grape seed oil (Canola/vegetable oil would work too, Grapeseed oil has a higher smoke point which I like for this.)
Fresh veggies (I used lettuce, diced red pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots)

Mix falafel as directed. Heat a skillet on the stove with about 1-2 T. oil. Check to see if its ready by dropping a tiny piece of falafel and see if it starts to bubble and fry. Heat should be medium high. Be careful, these cook very fast. Cook patties for about 2-3 minutes per side, adding oil to the pan as needed. Place cooked patties on paper towel to drain some oil. Serve on a salad or in a wrap with your favorite dressing (or even ketchup).

Notes: I’ve burnt these many times, so watch the pan closely.

Servings: 1/2 package of falafel mix made about 3 servings.


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