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Venison Stew November 1, 2007

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I had one pound of venison chops in the freezer and thought it would go perfectly in a crock pot stew. I started it in the morning and it was ready when I got home from work!

1 pound venison chops – chopped into 1 inch pieces
3 strips bacon – cut into pieces
4 carrots – diced
2 onions – diced
4 parsnips – diced
5 small potatoes – diced
1 cup diced butternut squash
1 can chicken broth
1 + cup red wine
thyme, basil, parsley, salt, pepper

The night before I cleaned and chopped all the vegetables and placed them in the crock pot. In the morning, before work, I cut the venison and coated each piece in flour. I cooked the bacon and put the pieces into the crock pot. I then browned the venison in the left over bacon grease. Once the venison was browned, I put it in the crock pot. I then poured about 1/2 cup red wine into the cast iron skillet and de-glaced the pan and poured the sauce into the crock pot. I added the stock, water and worcestershire sauce. I added enough water but didn’t cover all the vegetables and meat. I turned it on low and left. When I got back in the afternoon I added some cornstarch to thicken into a stew.

Notes: It tasted like a classic, hearty Iowa stew!

Servings: Lots! 7-8


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