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“Sloppy Joe” with Steamed Romanesco Broccoli October 4, 2007

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Tonight I tried out some vegetarian sloppy joe, out of a box!


It’s a mix of soy and seasonings. It turned out well. All you do is boil water, add the mix, 1 T. of tomato paste, 1 T. of olive oil and simmer for five minutes.

I finally used the romanesco broccoli we got in our CSA box. I treated it just like regular broccoli and just chopped it up to steam.


The meal came together with an open faced sloppy joe sandwich on a toasted piece of high fiber bread with a piece of purple lettuce (nice bitter crunch).



2 Responses to ““Sloppy Joe” with Steamed Romanesco Broccoli”

  1. Hey, cool! A food blog. I’ll be bookmarking this one.

    I tried that sloppy joe mix and didn’t like it at all.

    There’s a good vegan food blog out there called Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen. I’ve made a few of her recipes and they’ve been excellent. She has a sloppy joe recipe on there that I’ve been meaning to try, but incredibly, my Whole Foods doesn’t carry dried TVP.

  2. Bitch Slap Says:

    Ooooh, I love this stuff! I skeptically tried it a year ago and I think I maybe ate the whole thing in two days by myself. The Fantastic taco mix is pretty good too, you know, for nachos and stuff.

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